In our club we devote special attention to our members who can enjoy a number of benefits.

Membership fee for 2018 is 60 € per person or 125 € for the whole family (2 adults and children). With this you are entitled to the following benefits until the end of 2018:

- 20% discount for each additional hour of tennis
- 20% discount for each additional hour of badminton
- 10% discount on the purchase of PRINCE sports equipment

Our members - participants of the tennis school and members – competitors also enjoy the following benefits: no participation fee for our club tournaments and TZS tournaments which are organised by our club, annual TZS membership fee and TZS league fees are paid by the club. Registered competitors are required to pay the membership fee.

In addition our members have access to the members' area by the bar with a warmth and hospitality of a fireplace where they can enjoy a pleasant rest, relax and socialise.